Peace is unity, harmony, symmetry. In this peace patch the flags of the Palestinians and Israelis are united as one. One flag does not rest on top nor on bottom, but side by side. It is in this way that Palestinians and Israelis must live. Both groups must have equal land, freedom, and power in order for there to be lasting peace. While the dove on the flag is the peacemaker that has brought the two warring entities together, she also represents the innocence and goodness in all of us. It is essential to realize that the conflict in Israel is not about treaties and politicians, but it is about people and families. This kind of peace can only exist when both groups of people are willing to accept each other as thinking, loving, and good like themselves, not evil and not enemies.

But the challenge of lasting peace requires commitment and honesty. Both sides must agree to resolutions, must keep promises. The peace dove is calm and even and stable like the people in the Middle East must be. She is also innocent perhaps even young. In a sense it is up to the young Palestinians and Israelis to end the hatred with their generation, to bring a new perspective and a new vision for lasting peace.

Kria and Wendie Sakakeeny,
Boston University's United Coalition for Middle East Peace
Boston Massachusetts USA