There is no way to peace--peace is the way: This statement is revelatory of the preparation those who would commit to the work of resolving conflict must make in order to achieve a state of open-hearted willingness for the task ahead.

Say that two heads of state, after many years of aggression and resistance, each deeply wish for an end to war--to the degree that, laying politics aside, each meditatively focuses exclusively on this wish. Caring profoundly and intently, each is moved to prayer. Each prays to be willing to do this hard thing. Each soul-searches.

So they have prepared to meet with trust and respect. "Conflict" derives from the Latin: strike together. But now it will be necessary to work together--gently. In their open-hearted commitment, our heads of state can connect, communicate, and soon discover that hordes of people on both "sides" will thrive--or not--in consequence of their peace work. (Mutual concern for the welfare of both populations--imagine!) From such perceptions, they would find respect for diversity arising and creativity being released. In this environment, the people will work out the details.

It could happen. Peace is the way.

Shirley Burlingame, Berkeley California USA