To me, my square represents an idyllic vision of a beautiful peaceful world where all the children live their precious childhood happy and carefree, a world that is free from hatred, prejudice, hunger and wars or even rumour of wars, a world where peace and abundance are everywhere and for all, where all the children play together like brothers and sisters of one mother earth. Their world is carefree, playful and filled with laughter, with time to daydream and explore. It is a world where nothing and none makes them afraid, and where, for brief periods of time their childhood rightly solely belongs to them alone and nobody can rob them of that precious period of life when dreams soar like an eagle, limited only be the size of their own imagination. It is a time when anything is possible. It is a world where children play old games and invent new ones, a world with open fields and soft green grass to play on and where they breathe the pure and clean air. It is a vision of a world in which every child belongs, regardless of his/her background or socio-economic class of the parents. It is a world where for a brief moment of their life, children can truly be free. It is a world of peace.

Barbara Pratezina, Surrey British Columbia Canada