PEACE -- such a short and simple sounding word but, oh, so difficult to achieve! There are innumerable quotes, poems, verses, songs, short stories and even novels advocating and pleading for peace. Even movies, theatre and dance have expressed a desire for humankind to effectuate peace. Out of all these selections of literary writings and compositions, my hope for peace in this world can best be described by the last verse from a poem written by the late singer, songwriter, humanitarian and environmentalist, John Denver.

John explained at some of his concerts that he was never able to put this poem to music so he would just recite it instead. The entire poem is very simple but expressed John's hope and vision of peace.

I chose to add this verse to the wonderful Middle East Peace Quilt with the purpose of keeping both John Denver's and my dream alive.

Joan M. Kurtz, East Setauket New York USA