In the spring of 1987 my husband and I spent an afternoon in a Palestinian home in a refugee camp in Jordan. For hours we were served a lavish feast by a quiet doting older woman. When she learned that we were Jewish, her reaction was "I am not afraid of you." (She had been a young girl in a neighbouring village at the time of the Deir Yassin massacre.) I was shocked and shaken. It had never occurred to me that my being Jewish might create fear in someone (although it seemed very normal for me to be afraid of someone who was an Arab!) This woman made an enormous impact on me with those words and forever changed the way I see the Jewish/Arab conflict. If we just treat each other as individual good people and discard the fear and stereotypes, we could live with each other. I purposely embroidered the words on this square so that it is not clear who is saying them.

Rhea Lazar, Vancouver British Columbia Canada