The square that we created contains a rainbow, on top of which are two hands holding candles which come together to share a single flame. Around the border of this square buttons of many colours are sewed with many different colours of thread. At two of the corners the star of David has been placed, and at two corners, the cedar tree.

Our background, which is blue with gold stars, represents the world. The rainbow has many different colours and these can represent many different opinions. They come together to form something beautiful and harmonious. The rainbow also shows us that a beautiful thing happens when very different elements such as sun and rain work in harmony. Thus the rainbow represents peace. The hands holding candles show that people have the power to bring change to the world. The hands are different colours and symbolize different groups of people coming together to bring light to the world, conquering the darkness of war. The candles share the same flame and this shows unity. On the border the star of David symbolizes the Israeli people and the cedar tree represents the Palestinian people. They are in four corners of the border to show that people who have been at war can stand together in peace. The buttons on the border symbolize the people of the world, all races existing side by side.

Our message is that we want war to stop. We want people to agree and to live together in peace.

The students who worked on this square are:
Mattie Walker, Katie Munroe, Lindsay Unwin, Brianne Yardly, Vanessa Pennington, Ivan Celuszak, Emma Richardson, Nina Samson, Lesley Bidlake, Kirsten Heatherington, Rowan Melling, Sarah Mann, Rebecca Evans, Renata Ruffel, and Ashlee Kielbiski, plus helpers, Monica Cotton, Deborah Green, Ila Shaw and teacher Pat Walker.

St. Patrick's School Grade 7 Class, Victoria British Columbia Canada