Many of the squares in this quilt are made by the students of the Agudus Achim Religious school in Alexandria Virginia.

When I first started this project I had no idea whether I was going to get a dozen quilt squares or a hundred, but every day, as the original deadline for submissions grew near, I would walk eagerly up to the post office to check my box. Often there would be nothing, sometimes one piece and on a really good day two would arrive at the same time. But on one particular day I found a large package waiting for me. I opened it and found inside not one, not two but 25 quilt squares made by the grade 3 to 6 students of Agudus Achim, and all of them were beautiful. Not only that, but they also enclosed a cheque for $125.00, a five dollar donation for each of the children's squares. I was moved and impressed by the donation, because it showed respect for both the quilt project and the work of the individual children.

Sima Elizabeth Shefrin
Middle East Peace Quilt Artist/Coordinator