We created a square for the Peace Quilt that contains two hearts coming together as one. Underneath the hearts are two hands of different colours clasped in a handshake. On the wrists of each of the hand is a bracelet, each bearing a star of David and a cedar tree. The background is a rainbow.

If you look carefully you'll see that the heart is made from two hearts, one green, the colour of the earth, one blue, the colour of the water. These colours, swirling together, represent one world, united in love. We feel that if the world comes together in love, wonderful things can happen. We chose a rainbow background to represent the light of life, in the hope that all things will work together. The hands, clasped in a handshake, symbolize friendship and the beginning of world peace. Because the hands are different colours, they symbolize different nations and races in the world joined in peace and friendship. The star of David symbolizes the Israeli people and the cedar tree represents the Palestinian people. We put both of these symbols on each of the wrists because we wanted to show that we hope that these two peoples can live together in one peaceful land in a spirit of friendship and love.

The message of our square is that we must join our hearts and our hands to create love. We care about world peace and we believe that peace, light and friendship can take the place of war, darkness and hatred.

The students who worked on this square are:
Mattie Walker, Katie Munroe, Lindsay Unwin, Brianne Yardly, Vanessa Pennington, Ivan Celuszak, Emma Richardson, Nina Samson, Lesley Bidlake, Kirsten Heatherington, Rowan Melling, Sarah Mann, Rebecca Evans, Renata Ruffel, and Ashlee Kielbiski, plus helpers, Monica Cotton, Deborah Green, Ila Shaw, and teacher Pat Walker.

St. Patrick's School Grade 7 Class, Victoria British Columbia Canada