Watching the children at a birthday party at Neve Shalom/Wahat al Salam in Israel (where the photo was taken), it was clear that these children of the Middle East, and those of the world, often inherit the attitudes of their parents.
In this village, whose name means "Oasis of Peace", located half way between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the parents believe that creating friendships between Christian or Arab Palestinians and Jew when they are young, goes a long way toward creating understanding between these people, races and religions when they are older.

Neve Shalom is a co-operative of Israeli Palestinian and Jewish families. The elementary school in the village is made up of an an equal number of Palestinian and Jewish students. Instruction is given in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Children learn about Chanukah, Ramadan and Christmas. The wonder of the village is that children do not see each other as "Jew", "Moslem" or "Christian" but as friends and neighbours. As it is with their parents so it is with the children. Neve Shalom truly is an oasis of peace.

Baila Lazarus, Vancouver British Columbia Canada