In the Picture, Sun represent peaceful, because sunshine is always felt warm and joyful and happiness. We always full of vim and vigor in the sunshine, it is similar to peace because we had same feeling of joyful and happiness after the war, soldiers were happily going home, and their families are greeting for their hero husband or children. Hands represent for people that are hoping or greeting peace, everyone desired peace in the war because war made a lot of people lost their lives. There were parents lost their children, kids lost their fathers, and wives lost their husbands. Anyway, everyone dislikes war except for careerist that desired power of authority. The clouds mean threaten or the invading countries are lost and gone back to their domains. When clouds covered sunshine, the sky is dark and we felt cold and noticed that something bad might happen. Finally the Red ground means blood. It represents soldiers that were killed in the war, there were corpses everywhere on the ground, and many of them had dreams not come true, but war brought their precious lives from the world. It also represents that peace is always after the war and people will cherish peace because they had lost it once, and they knew how valuable peaceful was and I hope there will be no more wars, but we must now more cherish present and the future.

Ken Lee, Taiwan
Made at the Maxwell International Baha'i School at
Shawnigan Lake British Columbia Canada